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Michael Blum, a Bright Beginning

Michael was born in Hong Kong with german parents that could afford him the best possible education. He went to Yale and got a bachelor’s degree in international affairs. As a rich kid, he had access to a lot of illicit substances and enjoyed spending time with girls of dubious backgrounds.

Michael Blum - Bright Beginning

Michael Blum, Bussines Behind the Curtain

Around 2012, Blum moved to east Asia along his brother and started a new business. Using the dark web to publish his “Products” Blum would rent out girls to powerful men around the world. Between 2013 and 2015, it is estimated around 753 girls were circulating Europe, all from Blum’s farm as he called it. He would use a casino to cover up his deeds. Girls would apply for jobs as waitresses and enter the “real business” after being approved. It was around 2015 when one of the girls decided to seek help from the authorities.


This small incident was enough to scare Blum away from such deals. After having local authorities looking into his business a couple of times, Blum left the country and the business. Right after that, Blum’s interest would shift and he would start putting more focus into other dubious investment projects with P.J King and leave the casino business for good. This then led him into the path of scamming people through his newly funded insurance companies, but that is a story for another article.

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