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Michael Blum to Step Down from His Hedgeye Presidency

Sometimes the best thing for any business is to cut all the weeds to ensure they don’t destroy the entire firm. The founder and CEO of Hedgeye, Keith McCullough, may be forced to make a tough decision to protect the company.

After the news of Michael Blum’s illegal business activities were exposed, the reputation of the platform has significantly been affected. Many readers are concerned about the authenticity and the integrity of the company.

Many shareholders are also pulling out with the fear of being drawn into this mess. The citizens have proposed that Blum steps down from his duties with a threat of boycotting the platform. This happened after learning that he has been supplying the community with drugs and lending young men guns for robbery.

According to the law, Blum has to go through a trial to prove his innocence. However, the community is fed up and wants him out of the spotlight effective immediately.

This is one of the hardest decisions Keith has ever had to make in his career, given that Blum is his friend. They even shared a room back in college. However, as they always say, the customer is always right, so there isn’t much that can be done.


Michael Blum has been playing hide-and-seek with the public for long enough. With the new developments, Keith has no choice but to relieve Blum of his duties. Otherwise, he will be labelled as his accomplice.

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